SpotOn Events Ltd - Terms & Conditions
v2.001 - 31st May 2018
  SpotOn Terms & Conditions     V2.001 - 31/5/18 - P1/2
1.1 - Definitions and Laws hire and any damage, breakages or misuse must be reported to SpotOn as soon as possible. Charges will be
  1.1.01 - These conditions apply to any dealings with SpotOn Events Ltd. Including Hire, Labour and Sales. applied to equipment damaged or broken. These may include a full hire of the item untill it's repaired or
  1.1.02 - The term "SpotOn" shall refer to SpotOn Events Ltd replaced to cover missed hires.
  1.1.03 - The term "Client" shall refer to the person who engaged SpotOn and either signed the contract or 3.1.02 - All hires will be accompanied with a contract. The contract will show start and end date.
  emailed the job confirmation. 3.1.03 - If equipment is not returned on the end date then it will be charged at 125% for all days until returned.
  1.1.04 - A Contract shall be made between the Client and SpotOn when you either accept a quote or email 3.1.04 - Hire dates may be adjusted before or during a hire, this must happen in advance and in writing,
  a confirmation about a job. and is subject to availability.
  1.1.05 - The Term "Equipment" shall refer to any equipment hired or supplied by SpotOn. 3.1.05 - Please return all equipment in the same condition it was supplied, i.e. cables taped.
  1.1.06 - The term "Technician" shall refer to a technician supplied by SpotOn. 3.1.06 - SpotOn may sub hire in equipment from 3rd parties.
  1.1.07 - The Term "Interest" Shall be worked out and charged as in clause 14.1.01 3.2 - Extra Charges for Hires
  1.1.08 - The Term “Consequential Loss” Shall mean any loss of equipment, Damage, Loss of Contracts, 3.2.01 - SpotOn will charge for late, damaged, broken or missing equipment.
Loss of Profits or any other Consequential losses. 3.2.02 - SpotOn May charge 10p for any uncoiled cables on return.
2.1 - Labour Terms 4.1 - Client
  2.1.01 - A Technician is skilled in the chosen area, either Lighting, Sound, Video or Staging. We have some 4.1.01 - The Client must be authorised to take out the contract with SpotOn.
  Multi skilled technicians. Please inform us of duties to ensure the correct Technician is booked. 4.1.02 - A Contract will be made when either Crew, Technicians or Show Staff are booked with email
  2.1.02 - A show caller is skilled in calling shows and cueing the event. confirmation or, when they return a confirmation email for a hire or service by SpotOn.
  2.1.03 - A Crew person is only skilled in building sets and are only available during builds and break  4.1.03 - The Client will be held responsible for any fees or invoices issued. We can issue Invoices to your 
  downs, or in a show to set furniture / change set. accounts department. 
2.2 - Call Times and Rate Definitions 4.1.04 - POs. should be supplied before the invoice is issued. If the invoice has been issued then the PO no. will 
  2.2.01 - Crew work by the hour, minimum call time is 4 hours. be added to the invoice before payment is made, but the due date will not change.
  2.2.02 - Technicians work by the day, minimum call time is 1 day. 4.1.05 - The Client will be responsible for any hire equipment and may not sub hire without written consent
  2.2.03 - Show Callers and any other Production staff work by the day, minimum call time is 1 day. from SpotOn.
  2.2.04 - The maximum call time for anyone is 20 hours, 4.1.06 - The client will be required to sign a delivery note with all hires and sales.
  2.2.05 - On multi day jobs all Production Staff, Crew and Technicians must have at least 6 hours break 5.1 - Electricity
  overnight at the hotel or home. Not including travel time. 5.1.01 - All equipment supplied by SpotOn is maintained and tested.
  2.2.06 - A day is up to 12 hours (Between the hours of 6am and 2am) start to finish, including any breaks 5.1.02 - All equipment from SpotOn is meant for use in the UK on a 230/240 V 50hz power supply.
  down time or meals. 5.1.03 - The Client is responsible for making sure all equipment is installed, connected and powered 
  2.2.07 - A day and a half is up to 16 hours (Between the hours of 6am and 2am) start to finish, including correctly. Only outdoor rated products may be used outside, unless reasonable protection has been
  any breaks, down time or meals. supplied, i.e. in a marquee or outdoor stage in the dry and removed or covered in the case of rain.
  2.2.08 - A double day is up to 18 hours (start to finish) Including any breaks, Down time or meals. 5.1.04 - Any damage to equipment caused by power will be charged back to the client. This includes using
  2.2.08 - If a day or day and a half start or finish before 6am or after 2am then it is classed as the next the wrong power supply and power surges/spikes.
  level, i.e. a 12 hour day finishing at 4am would be a day and a half, or a 18 hour day starting at 2am 5.1.05 - No modifications may be made to equipment without written consent from SpotOn.
  would be a double day. 6.1 - Damage and  Reporting
  2.2.09 - For Theatres we operate an hourly rate, this has a minimum of 4 hours and only applies to  6.1.01 - Any damage or breakages must be reported to SpotOn at the first opertunity.
  get ins, shows or rehearsals. Get outs are charged at TMA rates or triple the normal rate. 6.1.02 - SpotOn should be informed if any equipment is taken out of the UK.
  For theatre calls between the hours of midnight and 8am are charged at double time. 6.1.03 - No repairs may be made to equipment supplied by SpotOn, without written confirmation.
2.3 - Labour Bookings 7.1 - Compatability of Equipment
  2.3.01 - Labour is booked when confirmation emails have been exchanged. The date and time of emails 7.1.01 - SpotOn may supply alternative equipment if for any reason we cannot fur fill the original hire.
  is logged and taken as a contract. No paper contracts will be issued for labour only jobs. 7.1.02 - Photos of equipment may not be the units owned by SpotOn. But they will be the same models.
  2.3.02 - Labour calls can be pencilled in for up to 6 months. 7.1.03 - Unless SpotOn designs the event or show, it will be the client's responsibility to make sure any 
  2.3.03 - Pencilled in bookings must be confirmed at least 5 times the duration in advance,  equipment hired or supplied by SpotOn meets the requirments of the event or productions and that it
  i.e. 5 days before a 1 day booking, 15 days before a 3 day booking etc. is rigged and connected together in the correct and safe manner.
  2.3.04 - If a call is cancelled then the full price will be charged for the whole event if less than 24 hours 7.1.04 - SpotOn may upgrade your hire at no additional cost, if we can not supply the ordered kit we will 
  notice is given, 50% charge if cancelled with less than 5 times the duration of the event. discount the hire to reflect the price difference.
  i.e. 5 days before a 1 day booking, 15 days before a 3 day booking etc. 8.1 - Insurance
  2.3.05 - Labour calls must be agreed to by SpotOn at time of booking; any changes to times by more than  8.1.01 - The Client agrees to pay SpotOn the full retail value of any lost or damaged items.
  90 mins either way will need to be re confirmed. 8.1.02 - The Client should insure the equipment to prevent having to pay the above in the case of loss or
  2.3.06 - SpotOn will try to be on site for agreed call times. But we can not guarentee timings due to traffic damage. 
  weather, delayed public transport or technical faults. 8.1.03 - In the case of a claim any money owed to SpotOn for repair must be paid to SpotOn as soon as possible.
  2.3.07 - SpotOn may subcontract positions out to selected partners. 8.1.04 - No claim shall be settled by the Client, only SpotOn can settle a claim.
  2.4 - Travel and Accommodation 8.1.05 - The Client is responsible for making sure equipment is returned safely to SpotOn.
  2.4.01 - SpotOn is based in Birmingham city centre, if the event is more than a 90 min drive from Birmingham  8.1.06 - The Client will be held responsible for any loss due to broken or missing equipment.
  on a 12 hour day, or 60 mins on a 16 hour day or any double day bookings then accommodation must be 9.1 - Termination of Hire (Post Delivery)
  provided. This should be a single room at the venue or within 15 mins of the venue. 9.1.01 - SpotOn is entitled to terminate a hire contract at any time and all equipment must be returned
  2.4.02 - SpotOn will charge mileage on all travel (under 10 miles we may include for free) this is charged if this happens. We may cancel a hire if the event or production is cancelled. Or if we beleve there to 
  at £0.45 per mile each way.  be any risk to the equipment. If a hire is terminated then SpotOn Is entitled to recover money from
  2.4.03 - SpotOn will charge labour time as well as mileage on journeys of 3 hours or more or 4 hours in one day. the client for any loss or damage.
  2.5 - Specific Technicians, Crew or Staff 9.1.02 - A Hire may be terminated if the Terms & Conditions are breached.
  2.5.01 - Specific Crew, Technicians and Staff may be requested; we will do our best to accommodate. 9.1.03 - The Client authorises SpotOn to enter any premesis where equipment is kept or in use at any time to 
  2.5.02 - If a licence i.e. IPAF or Forklift licence is required for a role we need to know when booking crew. terminate the hire or inspect the installation or condition of the equipment.
  2.5.03 - If we need to change crew due to lack of information before an event we may charge an admin fee. 9.2 - Cancelation of hire (Before delivery)
  2.6 - Technicians, Crew and Staff Conditions. 9.2.01 - If you cancel a confirmed hire you will be responsible for fees. If cancelled within 48 hours of the 
  2.6.01 - All our staff have the right to work safely and comfortably, we require all work sites to be safe. hire start then 100% of the hire will be charged. reducing to 50% for 7 days notice and 25% for 2 weeks or
  with catering and or drinks and food and toilets available. more. 0% will be charged for cancelling up to two weeks after booking.
  2.6.02 - Any working conditions such as outside or in a hot or cold environment should be passed to SpotOn  9.2.02 - Any expenses from a cancelled booking i.e. hotel bookings, train fares, etc. will be charged.
  so we can prepare the staff.
3.1 - Hire
  3.1.01 - Any items hired by SpotOn remain the property and responsibility of SpotOn for the duration of the SpotOn Events LTD T&C  -  Page 1 of 2
   (2018 - 2019) SpotOn Events Ltd (Registered Company 11252884) - (Vat Registration 291 1988 70)  -  +44 (0) 121 288 3888 
10.1 - Sales 20.1.05 - SpotOn will keep all emails sent between SpotOn and a Client. These will be stored for around 6 years.
  10.1.01 - SpotOn owns any items untill full payment has been made by the client. 20.1.06 - SpotOn may record phone calls to keep track of enquiries, quotes or events. If recordings are made
  10.1.02 - Most Items are ordered by SpotOn upon the client's order being placed.  they will be kept for around 6 years.
  10.1.03 - SpotOn may ask for partial or full payment at time of ordering. 20.1.07 - SpotOn will keep enquiries from non clients for around 2 years.
11.1 - Receipt 20.1.08 -  SpotOn keeps track of all services you have had with SpotOn, there is no limit how long we hold past
  11.1.01 - An Invoice will be issued with any hire or sale from SpotOn. When the Invoice has been paid you may  event details.
  have a receipt of the payment. This is not sent as standard, so must be requested. 20.1.09 - SpotOn keeps Contact information including Name, Address, Email and Phone.  In addition we will keep
12.1 - Price your accounts department contact details and venue addresses.
  12.1.01 - Prices quoted on our web site are a guide. 20.1.10 - SpotOn keeps all information about you on our computers, with hard paper copies at our offices.
  12.1.02 - Discounts may be applied to products, services and hires. 20.1.11 - You have the right to know what we hold on you, a copy of the master record or individual invoices
  12.1.03 - Prices on quotes will be the prices charged. or emails may be requested at any time, we will try to respond to these requests within one week, depending
13.1 - Payment on current events or holidays etc. We aim to answer these within 3 working days.
  13.1.01 - Payment must be made by the date on the invoice. 20.1.12 - SpotOn opened in March 2018, before that it was SCL and Stephen Curran. Old clients of SCL or
  13.1.02 - Late payment will encore late fees as stated in 14.1.01. Stephen don’t have as much info kept. Some emails may remain and the invoices only. If you have used
  13.1.03 - Payment details are printed on the bottom of the Invoices. SpotOn then more information will be logged and easier to get hold of.
  13.1.04 - All Prices are in £ (GBP). 20.1.13 - SpotOn may contact you to inform you of new products or services you may be interested in.
  13.1.05 - SpotOn charges vat at 20%. Prices on the Invoice are exclusive of vat. The Vat is added at the bottom. you can opt out of this at any time. Contact will be rare and we encourage you to follow
14.1 - Interest to keep up to date. Or keep an eye on
  14.1.01 - Late payment will be charged a £10 Admin fee. As well as the Admin fee we will also apply 5% every 7  21.1 - Discounts 
  days the invoice is late.  21.1.01 - Discounts are offered to clients based on type of event, frequency events / hires and duration of events.
  14.1.02 - If payment is not receved within 2 weeks any discount will be halved. 21.1.02 - Discounts may be removed at any time.
  14.1.03 - If payment is not made within 4 weeks then all discounts will be removed. 21.1.03 - Our website shows current full prices. Prices may change at any time.
  14.1.04 - If payment has not been receved within 8 weeks then we will start further procedings. 21.1.04 - Discounts are only valid untill the invoice is paid, late payments will be exempt from discounts and 
  14.1.05 - SpotOn will chase up and recover any outstanding money owed. any discounts on the invoice may be removed or reduced.
15.1 - Consequential Losses 22.1 - Payment Terms and Deposits
  15.1.01 - SpotOn will claim for any losses encountered. No matter what or how it was caused. 22.1.01 - Payment terms vary depending on client. 
  15.1.02 - SpotOn will chase up and recover any outstanding money owed. 22.1.02 - Deposits are required for equipment hire and or sales to new clients.
  16.1 - Injury or Damage 22.1.03 - If you have paid late in the past you may be asked to pay a deposit.
  16.1.01 - SpotOn can not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by incorrect rigging, misuse, 22.1.04 - Most clients have 30 days to pay after receipt of the invoice. Especially for Labour only calls.
  trespass or any other cause, excluding faulty equipment. 22.1.05 - New Clients are required to pay the full amount before any hire or sale leaves us.
17.1 - Delivery
  17.1.01 - You should check all items listed on the delivery sheet are correct at the time of delivery.
  17.1.02 - If items are damaged upon delivery you should inform SpotOn as soon as possible and sign the delivery
  note, noting the damage or missing items.
  17.1.03 - Delivery and collection is just a drop off or collection and does not include any setup or configuration; 
  the client should make sure the equipment can be loaded or unloaded easily and quickly.
  SpotOn will collect or deliver to a loading bay but will not load into venue.
  17.1.04 - SpotOn will try to be on site for agreed delivery call times but we can not guarentee timings due to 
  traffic, weather, delayed public transport or technical faults.
18.1 - Copyright
  18.1.01 - All photos on the SpotOn Events website belong to SpotOn Events.
  18.1.02 - The SpotOn Events website and all graphics used by SpotOn are created by SpotOn and copyright to 
  SpotOn Events Ltd.
  18.1.03 - We would like to point out that using any equipment hired or supplied by SpotOn Events to record
  Copyright material is strictly prohibited.
  18.1.04 - It is the client's responsibility and not SpotOn's to obtain any Licence or Permission required to
   record this material.
  18.1.05 - SpotOn Events Ltd takes no responsibility for playing back Copyright material including pre-recorded 
  music and videos. 
19.1 - Amendments / Changes or Violations
  19.1.01 - SpotOn have the right to amend, change or alter these terms at any time. A current version is available
  to view at, from here you will also be able to view previous versions.
  19.1.02 - If your situation changes during a hire then you should Inform SpotOn. i.e. if you need to change hire
  items or the event gets cancelled or extended.
  19.1.03 - SpotOn May cancel a hire or contract if you breach these terms and conditions.
  19.1.04 - If the client breaks these conditions either one or multiple clauses then SpotOn has the right to 
  cancel or amend the hire. Breaking one term does not automatically void a contract.
  20.1 - Confidentiality SpotOn Events Terms and Conditions
  20.1.01 - SpotOn takes security seriously, This is our Privacy Policy. V 2.001 - 31/5/18 
  20.1.02 - In line with GDPR SpotOn will never sell or give your data to others. (the only thing we will pass on is
  name and contact details to selected partners to fulfil a contract. They will be under instructions to protect Client                      
  that data).
  20.1.03 - During events our Technicians, Crew and Staff may learn confidential information about your Name (Print)                      
  product or service or get advanced information. SpotOn and all subcontractors will respect your privacy and
  not post any pictures that show your products unless they are already in the public domain. Signed                      
  20.1.04 - SpotOn Employees will keep any information they hear during an event confidential.
  SpotOn Events LTD T&C  -  Page 2 of 2
   (2018 - 2019) SpotOn Events Ltd (Registered Company 11252884) - (Vat Registration 291 1988 70)  -  +44 (0) 121 288 3888 

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